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Scaffolding - Toolbox Talk


One of the major dangers of scaffolding is that workers on site become complacent working on and around it. And for good reason, scaffolding is a central part and mainstay on almost all sites.

So in addition to the very real dangers of scaffolding, a scaffolding safety toolbox talk enables companies and toolbox talk coordinators to cover scaffolding safety in an informal yet relatively comprehensive manner.

When you are conducting a scaffolding safety toolbox talk, workers can provide feedback to the current state of the scaffold, any site specific hazards they have noticed - and to foster a discussion around the importance of maintaining high scaffold safety standards.

As is the case with most site safety, scaffolding safety starts on site, and conducting scaffolding safety toolbox talks is a great way to get vital information onto the ground.

Scaffolding - Toolbox talk
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